Law-Gospel 1

In our first class on Law and Gospel, I use a diagram that I originally drew on a napkin in 1990. The persons had trouble grasping the freedom of the Gospel (after several months they joyfully embraced that freedom!). As I emphasized points I was looking for a way to communicate better. This is the diagram that I eventually developed. Law-Gospel Diagram

I have used this diagram for introducing the Adult Basics class, Junior Confirmation class, and premarital meetings as the couple prepares to live together as husband and wife. One time a junior confirmand was getting ready for the interview with two elders, he asked if he could draw the diagram, telling me, “then I can tell everything about the catechism.” I also use it to explore how Law and Gospel work in a liturgical worship setting.

As we continue to explore this topic, I will use other tools that help distinguish Law and Gospel. Law-Gospel Table


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