Recent MTS graduate

At the recent TAALC Convention on June 24, 2016, Dave Spotts graduated with the Master of Theological Studies degree from the American Lutheran Theological Seminary (ALTS). He was later ordained at the same service. He currently serves as missionary/chaplain through Wittenberg Door campus ministries at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO campus.

Pastor Spotts is a graduate of the University of Missouri with Masters in Greek (with Latin studies). He has been teaching both subjects for the past 22 years, most of it online. While attending classes in the MTS program, he has also taught Greek to our incoming students.

Congratulations, Pastor Spotts, for your hard work, diligence in studies, superb academic skills, and teaching skills. You always added many insights in our classes. We are delighted that you will continue teaching Greek for us in the coming years.

Pastor Spotts is married to Martha. They have two children, and two grandchildren.

Spotts 2016 graduation

2 thoughts on “Recent MTS graduate

  1. Thanks for the post! Just for the record, my MA is in Greek. There was no minor, but I did about equal course work in Latin and have taught it since 1995. We also have two of our own grandchildren as well as the extras we borrow sometimes.

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